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My Hair Type

What is my hair type?

The production of oil on the scalp is the intrinsic factor which determines whether your hair type is oily, combination or dry. Other extrinsic conditions can influence your hair type such as chemical and heat damage, environment and lifestyle which can cause weakened, dehydrated, stressed or damaged hair. To assist you selecting the most suitable Australian Native Botanicals haircare read more about different hair types below:

Fine and Limp

Hair that looks flat and weighs down easily as a cause of over production of sebum produced by sebaceous glands resulting in limp and lank hair. This may be due to life style, hormonal changes or when hair is not washed regularly.

Dry and Damaged

Dry hair looks frizzy, dull and lifeless and is also more prone to breakage and minimal sheen. A common cause of dry hair is lack of moisture, environment conditions, age, chemical or heat damage.

Normal Hair

Normal hair has a good balance of moisture, looks and feels good with great elasticity and shine.

Combination Hair Type

A mix of hair types or conditions such as an oily scalp and dry ends. In this case its best to treat each problem area separately.

Coloured or Chemically Treated

Coloured or chemically treated with permanent or semi-permanent colours, rinses and tints or has been permed or straightened.