Australian Native Botanicals | All Natural Organic Hair and Body Care Philosophy


Plants have helped to sustain us from the beginning of time. They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, medicines and clothing. Unlike most cosmetic products, we do not use petrochemical, mineral or animal ingredients. Instead, we use plant herb and flower derived ingredients. Pure essential oils are used in place of synthetic fragrances and colours.

Pure, natural and luxurious hair and body care products developed to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin and hair. Made in Australia from the finest quality botanical ingredients, without any synthetic fragrances or synthetic colours. Today we are more aware of the positive benefits of total body health, and Australian Native Botanicals products deliver more than just a cosmetic approach to the care of your skin and hair.

Plants contain natural antioxidants. These are polyphenolics that occur in various parts of the plants; leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, fruits, wood, bark, stems and pollen. Natural antioxidants function as free radical scavengers and reduce the oxidative stress in cells. Antioxidants are found in vitamin C and E. Potent antioxidants have been shown to protect against skin-aging radicals, support skin renewal, and increase hydration and elasticity.

At the molecular level, the natural vitamins and anti-oxidants contained in our botanicals ingredients strengthen cells and assists new cell generation. Hair is made of structural proteins called keratin which are long chain molecules composed of eighteen different amino acids and vitamins are organic compounds necessary for normal functioning of the body. The lower molecular weighted provitamins are small enough to penetrate cells for substantive moisturising, thereby adding body to each hair shaft. The higher molecular weighted proteins affix themselves to the outside of the hair shaft forming monomolecular layers that provide a cushion effect for added hair bounce and promote shine and silkiness.

Australian native botanicals

Each of our unique formulations blend sustainably grown, native Australian botanicals with plant-based proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and pure essential oils to gently cleanse and nourish your body while providing intensive moisturising necessary for repair and protection for the skin and hair.

Wild Rosella Flower (Hibiscus sabdaria) is from the mountains of far northern Australia and part of the Malvaceae family. Wild Rosella Flower is also used as a food nutritional supplement and contains proteins, carbohydrates, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Desert Lime (Citrus glauca) is a native tree from the Rutaceae family that thrives in semi-arid regions of eastern Australia. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, important for cell regeneration and synthesis of collagen, elastin and keratin.

Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata) is native to mountainous south eastern lands of Australia from the Winteraceae family. It is an excellent moisturiser and a nourishing, protective anti-oxidant.

Kakadu Plum is an exotic fruit derived from the tree Terminalia ferdinandiana, native to the magnificent World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park in Australia. The fruit has been eaten by the First Peoples of northern Australia as a medicinal food. It is now recognised as one of the world’s Super-Fruits. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and moisturiser.

Desert Peach / Quandong (Santalum acuminatum) is a nourishing, moisturising anti-oxidant. The Quandong is a small native tree found in the dry open savannah and desert regions of Australia. The flesh surrounding the seed is succulent, sweet and sour with a flavour similar to apricot and peach.

Pure essential oils

With aromatic pure essential oils, it is possible to restore balance in your body thereby benefiting the condition of your skin, scalp and hair. Via your olfactory receptors, smell sends messages to different areas of your brain, including the hypothalamus (which regulates many body functions including thirst, hunger, blood sugar levels, growth and wakening) the limbic system (which processes emotions) and the hippocampus (responsible for memory).

“Balance” can be described as less stress, greater mental and physical vitality, and a more focused, contented state of being. Pleasurable responses recorded by the brain from aromatic essential oils are transmitted to all areas of the body by the nervous system. Synthetic fragrances and colours can produce a wide number of negative reactions for many people. Apart from simple allergies and skin reactions, conditions such as T.I.L.T. (toxic induced loss of tolerance) and M.C.S. (multiple chemical sensitivity) have been linked in many cases to increased regular exposure to synthetic fragrances and petrochemical ingredients. As a result of increased awareness of total body health, a growing number of people want more than just a cosmetic approach to their personal care products.

For the Australian Native Botanicals range, we have developed a number of exquisite aromatherapy blends using wild harvested and organic pure essential oils to deliver a totally harmonious and uplifting experience.

Citrus grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil
Detoxifying, refreshing, uplifting and reviving. Useful in stress and nervous exhaustion. Stimulating to the skin and scalp.

Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil
Balancing, stabilising, harmonising. Helps relieve nervous tension and mild anxiety. Soothing to irritation. Nurturing, calming.

Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil
Uplifting, soothing, balancing, Aphrodisiac, Sensual, Ylang Ylang oil has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and helps with anxiety. On the skin, Ylang Ylang oil has a soothing, balancing effect.

Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) Oil
Helps relieve tension. Calming, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Cell rejuvenating. Assists with reducing tension and stress.

Jasmin officinalis (Jasmine) Oil
Rejuvenating, fortifying. Aids the improvement of general well-being. Jasmine oil tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity. Helps promote relaxation.

Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Oil
Refreshing and uplifting. Detoxifying. Good for fatigue and freshening the mind. Improves skin and scalp oil balance. Cell regenerating.

Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Cedar) Oil
Help stabilise energy levels. Useful for exhaustion, nervous tension and stress. The astringent effect makes it helpful for balancing oily skin and scalp.

Citrus aurantium (Orange) Peel Oil
Refreshing, uplifting. Helps relieve tension and fatigue. Assists with relaxation. Good for dry or irritated skin. Has a stimulating effect on the scalp which aids in the promotion of more luxurious hair growth. Invigorating, clarifying, energising. Beneficial during times of stress and improves the maintenance of general well-being.

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil
Helps to relieve stress. Calming. Has a balancing effect on the nervous system, lifting the spirits and being particularly good for stress-related conditions. Also balances the skin, including the production of sebum. Also good for encouraging healing of the skin. Helps to relieve stress, calming.

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass) Oil
Detoxifying, Invigorating. Lemongrass Essential Oil a tonic to the body and mind. Soothing to the nervous system and useful for headaches. Antiseptic. Helps regulate and balance the skin.

Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) Oil
Soothing to dry and chapped skin. Regulates oil secretion and brings the tone to the skin. Helps repair tissue. Has a grounding and balancing effect on the emotions and helps banish lethargy, cooling inflammation. Assists heal skin and scalp disorders.

Canarium luzonicum (Elemi) Oil
Uplifting, rejuvenating Balances and helps reduce stress. Regulates production of sebum.

Citrus Medica limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil
Helps Increase mental alertness. Refreshing, uplifting and clarifying. Strengthens hair. Refreshing and cooling. Helps lift the spirits and relieve mental fatigue.

Cinnamomum Zeylanicium (Cinnamon) Bark Oil
A good antiseptic oil. Stimulating to the nervous system. It is a good tonic and has a reputation for use during convalescence.

Aloysia tryphilla (Lemon Verbena) Oil
Helps to refresh and relax the body and mind. Balancing effect on the skin and scalp.

Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Oil
Reviving, stimulating and uplifting. Helps relieve mental fatigue and anxiety. Motivating, energising, invigorating. Stimulates the mind re-hydrating, cooling, antiseptic.